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דף הביתקליניקהטיפול משפחתי/ייעוץ משפחתיListen to Me!!! Your Child and Your Divorce - by Dr. Daniel Gottlieb

Listen to Me!!! Your Child and Your Divorce - by Dr. Daniel Gottlieb


Listen to Me!!!  Your Child and Your Divorce

By  Dr. Daniel Gottlieb

listen to me 

LISTEN TO ME!!! is a book describing the child's experience of his or her parent's divorce. The book is written as if its contents were spoken by an intelligent 10 year old child addressing his parents. The book is written in the simple direct and "politically incorrect" language of a child who expresses his frustration, confusing and anger but also his hopes and wishes.

As opposed to the many other books that already exist on the topic, my book aims at touching the hearts of parents in order that they may reevaluate the way in which they conduct their divorce so that it may be as conducive as possible to the psychological needs of their children. This is not a book of "do this and not that" nor is it a book that summarizes relevant findings from the psychological literature, but rather one that seeks to induce the parents to feel what their children are feeling. 

While this book initially targeted adults, its style, simplicity of language and illustrations have also made it an effective therapeutic tool for children who are experiencing their parent's divorce but who are not always able to adequately and spontaneously verbalize their feelings.


I have self-published the book in Hebrew and have received many favorable reviews in the print and electronic media. The book is rather brief in keeping with the way children speak but many readers have actually found its power in it brevity and directness.

The Hebrew version of the book was written up in a three-quarter page article in the Jerusalem Post, including a selection of some of the books

passages as translated into English


The review can be seen at the following web


A review of the English version can be found at:

A clip about the book can also be viewed on Youtube at:



The book can be ordered online in either a hardcover or e-book format

The book can also be ordered by calling Machon Shinui and will be sent to you for NIS 95 (including Shipping)



From Listen to Me!!!  Your Child and Your Divorce



I did not ask to be born


I did not ask to be born to you


I did not ask you to have trouble getting along

with each other


I did not ask you to fight


I did not ask you to yell and scream, rather than

talking and negotiating – just as you have always

expected of me


I did not ask you to get divorced.


And I certainly did not ask you to continue

fighting – even after the divorce



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